Thing you can do in your riding

There's a saying: all politics is local. On this page are actions you can take to help make basic income a priority in your riding's race.

Contact your local candidates and ask them to take the Basic Income Pledge

Reach out to them and ask if they support basic income and if they would sign the Candidate's Pledge for Basic Income Now. Ask others in your community to do the same.

We've made an easy tool that emails your local riding candidates and asks them to sign the Candidate's Pledge here.


Print out Basic Income Now signs!

You can now order a Basis Income Now lawn sign here!

We’ve created downloadable signs for Basic Income Now you can print to use as signs or use online.

These can be used for your lawn, for your window, or even for your office. Show it at your local riding debate whether it’s in-person or online.

Activists in Stratford, Ontario printed out signs to help push basic income the last federal election!

Attend a local candidate's debate or Town Hall and show support for Basic Income

At a town hall or local candidate’s debate you can make your concerns heard by politicians and your fellow community members. These events will be listed in your local media and in your candidate's websites.

Show up to one and:

Dates and times will be listed on your riding candidates’ websites and local media when they have been set.


Let your local candidates know you will be voting for basic income, and ask them questions like...

Email, call, and Tweet your candidates.

Let them know you will be voting for basic income, and ask them questions like:

  • We already guarantee a basic income for some people, like seniors and families with children. Those programs work well. Don’t you think extending similar guarantees to everyone would be fairer?
  • Basic income is proven to be a good foundation for people, communities, and the economy, and acts as a stabilizer when a crisis hits. Don’t you think our recent pandemic experience teaches us to make basic income a top priority?
  • Can you see how priorities like healthcare, the environment, safer communities, and innovation could work better if people are healthier and happier, with enough income to meet basic needs and enough security to build a good life?
  • Are you committed to implementing the call for justice from the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls report to establish a guaranteed livable income for all?

Participate in Local Media

  • Write a letter to your local editors asking them to cover basic income. We made a tool that helps you find your local editors and helps you email them.

    Click here to use the Letter-to-Editor tool.

  • Call into a talk radio show if they’re discussing basic income, or anything that can be related to basic income.

  • Reach out to public access television channels to discuss basic income.

  • Reach out to local media contacts and offer to discuss perspectives on basic income.

Connect with other basic income activists in your riding.

Join our Basic Income Now Discord server to connect and coordinate with other activists. We will soon have channels set up for each of the swing ridings.

If you're new to Discord, check out our guide on setting up — it's easy!

Organize or Participate in a March or Rally for Basic Income

This May, marches and rallies are being planned in communities across Ontario. You can join one of these events or help to organize one of your own!

A march is currently being organized in Toronto for May 14th ahead of the Provincial Election. Sign up on the Basic Income Toronto March registration page.

If you would like to organize a march in your community please contact [email protected] who is providing prospective organizers with support.