Attend a Basic Income March

If we want a basic income, we need to show up, show your support, and be seen by the politicians and the media. Only in large numbers will our political parties decide to make basic income a priority and part of their official party platform. 

A series of Marches for Basic Income are being coordinated by various groups across the country, on or around September 25th, to celebrate International Basic Income Day. These marches will see Canadians join citizens from around the world marching for Basic Income. 

The current list of firmly planned marches can be found below. You can sign up for those marches using the links below. If there is not yet a link, you can sign up through the form below and we'll let you know when the registration page is ready.  


Thursday Sept 16, 2021: Waterloo, ON Virtual Lunch & Learn (EventbriteFacebook Event)

Saturday Sept 18, 2021: Toronto 

Saturday Sept 25, 2021: Montreal, Victoria


Are there no marches close to you?

More marches are still currently being planned. If you sign up below, you can expect an email from UBI Works, who is connecting interested people with the march closest to them and will let you know if another march gets planned for your area. 

If you would like to help set up a march in your community, please select "Organize" in the signup form below and we'll be in touch to help you get started.