Coordinate with other activists

We've created a Discord to help interested basic income activists coordinate. Join our Discord here.

Discord is a place to chat with other Basic Income Supporters from across the country, coordinate activities in your riding and share you successes and ideas with all of us at #BasicIncomeNow. Discord is simply a tool we can use to communicate and organize our ideas, document links, have spontaneous voice chats with groups of varying sizes, etc.

Our Purpose is to connect Basic Income organizers from across Canada so they can share ideas and info, inspire each other, and provide connections and support as grassroots leaders of a mass movement.

THANK YOU to everyone for being part of this amazing movement! 




If you are not familiar with Discord, we've created a guide you can use below. 

When you first visit Discord be asked to create a user name. 

After creating your username and clicking continue, you’ll be taken to this screen where you’ll see a “captcha” code. These just help the website protect against bots - so just click the box to confirm you’re a human! 

Next you can register with an email, password and date of birth. When you’ve completed filling in that information, click “continue” 

When you’re done, your personal account will look something like this, but with your channel on the left hand side! You’re able to join additional channels with things that interest you, but keep in mind those are managed by other groups, and may have other requirements! 

You’re also able to add friends using their username, etc. 

If you see the + sign, you can click on that to search for new servers (servers are similar to Facebook “groups” and allow you to interact with others who have similar interests) 

If you select the + button, you’ll see this box pop up where you can search for new servers, channels (a specific room within the “server”) or Direct Messages to you! 


For more information on how to use Discord, read Discord Basics.