Take Action for Basic Income during the Ontario General Election

4 Steps to take Now

1. Check if a Candidate in your riding has taken the pledge. You can see the whole list here.

○ It’s still early, so if none have, use this tool to email your candidates and urge them to take the pledge

○ Check back in a few days or skip to step 3.

2. Select a candidate in your riding who has taken the pledge and best represents your values, and work to elect them. 

○ On this page you will find the websites of each of the candidates. There you can find information about how you can contribute to their campaigns: answer phones, knock on doors, drive people to their polling stations, etc.

3. Attend the Basic Income March Toronto on Saturday May 14th, 1 PM at Queen’s Park and show the whole province why Basic Income matters.

○ Register here to reserve your Basic Income Sign at the march.

4. Get involved in your local riding.

○ Order a Basic Income Now lawn sign to inspire your fellow voter.

○ Write your local newspaper editor, asking them to cover Basic Income

○ Attend a local debate and ask your candidates if and how they will enact a Basic Income.


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