Basic income has broad public support in Canada


A vast number of Canadian individuals and organizations have endorsed basic income, signed petitions, supported a parliamentary motion and a private members bill, and written reports and letters:


Here’s what some people in Canada have said:

  • Why can we give billions to industry but we can’t give $10K to each family in need living below the poverty line? And homeless people needing a hand up? We want to create jobs, sure. How about creating happiness, freedom, peace of mind, independence, and, above all, real hope? (Arlene Dickinson, Canadian businesswoman, investor, author, and television personality…by tweet on July 19, 2021)
  • I think [worry about putting food on the table and paying rent at the same time] are distractions that inhibit some of the greatest creative minds. …..the next major innovation (as a society) is in public policy that increases a nation’s ‘happiness’. This is giving the people more so they can build more. (Michael Schmidt, Canadian entrepreneur, chemist and engineer, from a 2016 interview)
  • [The pandemic] reminded all of us in the most stark and vivid terms, that we are all connected to one another and that the health of one of us affects all of us. That is so for viruses, but it is also the case for economic well-being…..doing well economically does not mean that others must suffer. (Dr. Evelyn L. Forget, from ‘Basic Income for Canadians: From the COVID-19 Emergency to Financial Security for All’, 2020)
  • A basic income would be essential if we want to close achievement gaps. From an educational perspective, this seems to be one of the intractable issues…(Dr. Avis Glaze, one of Canada’s foremost educators and international leader in education). 
  • I’m not even primarily scared of climate change. I’m scared of what scarcity looks like in a culture and economic system as brutal as ours. (Naomi Klein from an interview in November 2019 ELLE magazine).
  • Policy change, especially the creation of a basic income guarantee for all, should not be easy to achieve in a democracy as pluralist and diverse as Canada’s. But nor should this be impossible simply because it is hard. (Hugh Segal, from the preface to ‘Bootstraps Need Boots: One Tory’s Lonely Fight to End Poverty in Canada’, 2019)
  • how wrong we are as a society to think we know better than people themselves do about how to spend their money. (Dr. Danielle Martin from ‘Better Now: Six Big Ideas to Improve Health Care for All Canadians’, 2017. Big idea 5 is a basic income for basic health)