2022 Ontario MPP Candidates who signed the Basic Income Pledge






  Ajax Neil Runnalls Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/neil-runnalls/
  Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill Marjan Kasirlou Ontario Liberal Party https://marjankasirlou.ca/
  Barrie—Innisfil Bonnie North Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/bonnie-north/
  Barrie—Innisfil John Olthuis Ontario Liberal Party https://johnolthuis.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Barrie—Springwater—Oro-Medonte Elyse Robinson Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/elyse-robinson/
  Bay of Quinte Alison Kelly Ontario New Democratic Party https://alisonkelly.ontariondp.ca/
  Bay of Quinte  Erica Charlton Green Party of Ontario   https://gpo.ca/candidate/erica-charlton/
Beaches—East York Mary-Margaret McMahon Ontario Liberal Party https://mmmbey.com/
  Beaches—East York Abhijeet Manay Green Party of Ontario  https://www.abhijeetmanay.com/
  Brampton East Jamaal Blackwood Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/jamaal-blackwood/
  Brampton South Andria Barrett Ontario New Democratic Party https://andriabarrett.ontariondp.ca/
  Brampton West Rimmy Jhajj Ontario Liberal Party https://rimmyjhajj.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Brantford—Brant Harvey Bischof Ontario New Democratic Party https://harveybischof.ontariondp.ca/
  Burlington Kyle Hutton Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/kyle-hutton/
  Burlington Andrew Drummond Ontario New Democratic Party  http://andrewdrummond.ontariondp.ca/
  Cambridge Surekha Shenoy Ontario Liberal Party https://surekhashenoy.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Cambridge Carla Johnson Green Party of Ontario   https://gpo.ca/candidate/carla-johnson/
  Don Valley East Rizwan Khan Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/rizwan-khan/
  Don Valley East Mara-Elena Nagy Ontario New Democratic Party https://maraelenanagy.ontariondp.ca/
  Don Valley North Ostap Soroka Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/ostap-soroka/
  Don Valley West Sheena Sharp Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/sheena-sharp/
  Dufferin—Caledon Laura Campbell Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/laura-campbell/
  Eglinton—Lawrence Leah Tysoe Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/leah-tysoe/
  Eglinton—Lawrence Sam Kaplun Independent  
  Eglinton—Lawrence Arlena Hebert Ontario Liberal Party https://www.arlenahebert.ca/
  Elgin—Middlesex—London Andy Kroeker Ontario New Democratic Party https://andykroeker.ontariondp.ca/
  Essex Manpreet Brar Ontario Liberal Party  https://manpreetbrar.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Etobicoke Centre Heather Vickers-Wong Ontario New Democratic Party https://heathervickerswong.ontariondp.ca/
  Etobicoke North Gabriel Blanc Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/gabriel-blanc/
  Etobicoke—Lakeshore Farheen Alim Ontario New Democratic Party https://farheenalim.ontariondp.ca/
  Etobicoke—Lakeshore Thomas Yanuziello Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/thomas-yanuziello/
  Flamborough—Glanbrook Melisse Willems Ontario Liberal Party  https://melissewillems.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Glengarry—Prescott—Russell Thaila Riden Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/thaila-riden/
Guelph Mike Schreiner Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/mike-schreiner/
  Guelph Raechelle Devereaux Ontario Liberal Party  https://raechelle4guelph.com/
  Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes— Brock Tom Regina Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/tom-regina/
  Hamilton Centre Ekaterini Dimakis Ontario Liberal Party  https://ekaterinidimakis.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Hamilton Centre Sandy Crawley Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/sandy-crawley/
  Hamilton Mountain Chantale Lachance Ontario Liberal Party  https://chantalelachance.ontarioliberal.ca/
Hamilton West—Ancaster—Dundas Sandy Shaw Ontario New Democratic Party https://sandyshaw.ontariondp.ca/
  Hamilton West—Ancaster—Dundas Shubha Sandill Ontario Liberal Party  https://shubhasandill.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Humber River—Black Creek Ida Li Preti Ontario Liberal Party  https://idalipreti.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Huron—Bruce Shelley Blackmore Ontario Liberal Party  https://shelleyblackmore.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Kanata—Carleton Pat Freel Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/pat-freel/
  Kenora—Rainy River Catherine Kiewning Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/catherine-kiewning/
  Kiiwetinoong Manuela Michelizzi Ontario Liberal Party  https://manuelamichelizzi.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Kingston and the Islands Zachary Typhair Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/zachary-typhair/
  Kingston and the Islands Scott Foster None of the Above Party https://scott-foster.yolasite.com/
  Kingston and the Islands Mary Rita Holland Ontario New Democratic Party https://www.maryritaholland.com/
  Kitchener Centre Wayne Mak Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/wayne-mak/
  Kitchener South—Hespeler David Weber Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/david-weber/
  Kitchener—Conestoga Melanie Van Alphen Ontario Liberal Party  https://melanievanalphen.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Kitchener—Conestoga  Nasir Abdulle Green Party of Ontario   https://gpo.ca/candidate/nasir-abdulle/
  Lanark—Frontenac—Kingston Drew Cumpson Ontario New Democratic Party https://drewcumpson.ontariondp.ca/
  Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes Chris Wilson Ontario New Democratic Party https://christopherwilson.ontariondp.ca/
  Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes Fiona Jager Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/fiona-jager/
  London North Centre Carol Dyck Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/carol-dyck/
  London North Centre Kate Graham Ontario Liberal Party  https://kategraham.ontarioliberal.ca/
  London West Colleen McCauley Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/colleen-mccauley/
London West Peggy Sattler Ontario New Democratic Party https://peggysattler.ontariondp.ca/
  London—Fanshawe Zack Ramsey Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/zack-ramsey/
  Markham—Unionville Shanta Sundarason Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/shanta-sundarason/
  Mississauga Centre Adriane Franklin Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/adriane-franklin/
  Mississauga—Erin Mills Michelle Angkasa Green Party of Ontario   https://gpo.ca/candidate/michelle-angkasa/
  Mississauga—Lakeshore David Zeni Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/david-zeni/
  Nepean Brian Double Ontario New Democratic Party https://briandouble.ontariondp.ca/
  Nepean Tyler Watt Ontario Liberal Party  https://tylerwatt.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Newmarket—Aurora Carolina Rodriguez Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/carolina-rodriguez/
Nickel Belt France Gélinas Ontario New Democratic Party https://francegelinas.ontariondp.ca/
  Nickel Belt Glenys Babcock Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/glenys-babcock/
  Nipissing Sean McClocklin Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/sean-mcclocklin/
  Nipissing Tanya Vrebosch Ontario Liberal Party  https://tanyavrebosch.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Northumberland—Peterborough South Lisa Francis Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/lisa-francis/
  Oakville North—Burlington Ali Hosny Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/ali-hosny/
  Orléans Michelle Petersen Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/michelle-petersen/
  Oshawa Catherine Mosca Ontario Liberal Party  https://catherinemosca.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Ottawa Centre Shelby Bertrand Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/shelby-bertrand/
  Ottawa South Morgan Gay Ontario New Democratic Party  https://morgangay.ontariondp.ca/
Ottawa West—Nepean Chandra Pasma Ontario New Democratic Party https://chandrapasma.ontariondp.ca/
  Ottawa West—Nepean Steven Warren Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/steven-warren/
  Ottawa—Vanier Christian Proulx Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/christian-proulx/
  Oxford Cheryle Baker Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/cheryle-baker/
  Oxford Lindsay Wilson Ontario New Democratic Party https://lindsaywilson.ontariondp.ca/
  Parkdale—High Park Patrick Macklem Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/patrick-macklem/
  Parry Sound—Muskoka Matt Richter Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/matt-richter/
  Perth—Wellington Ashley Fox Ontario Liberal Party  https://ashleyfox.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Perth—Wellington Laura Bisutti Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/laura-bisutti/
  Perth—Wellington Jo-Dee Burbach Ontario New Democratic Party https://jodeeburbach.ontariondp.ca/
  Peterborough—Kawartha Robert Gibson Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/robert-gibson/
  Peterborough—Kawartha Greg Dempsey Ontario Liberal Party  https://gregdempsey.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Peterborough—Kawartha Jen Deck Ontario New Democratic Party https://jendeck.ontariondp.ca/
  Pickering—Uxbridge Julia Rondinone Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/julia-rondinone/
  Renfrew—Nipissing—Pembroke Oliver Jacob Ontario Liberal Party  https://oliverjacob.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Scarborough Centre Fatima Faruq Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/fatima-faruq/
  Scarborough Southwest Cara Brideau Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/cara-brideau/
  Scarborough Southwest Lisa Patel Ontario Liberal Party  https://lisapatel.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Scarborough—Agincourt Jacqueline Scott Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/jacqueline-scott/
  Scarborough—Guildwood Dean Boulding Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/dean-boulding/
  Scarborough—Rouge Park Priyan de Silva Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/priyan-de-silva/
  Simcoe—Grey Ted Crysler Ontario Liberal Party  https://tedcrysler.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Spadina—Fort York Cara Des Granges Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/cara-des-granges/
  Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry Jacqueline Milner Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/jacqueline-milner/
  Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry Wendy Stephen Ontario New Democratic Party https://wendystephen.ontariondp.ca/
  Sudbury David Robinson Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/david-robinson/
  Thunder Bay-Atikokan Eric Arner Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/eric-arner/
  Thunder Bay—Atikokan Judith Monteith-Farrell Ontario New Democratic Party https://judithmonteithfarrell.ontariondp.ca/
  Thunder Bay—Atikokan  Rob Barrett Ontario Liberal Party   https://robbarrett.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Thunder Bay—Superior North Shelby Ch’ng Ontario Liberal Party  https://shelbychng.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Thunder Bay—Superior North Tracey MacKinnon Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/tracey-mackinnon/
  Timiskaming—Cochrane Kristopher Rivard Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/kristopher-rivard/
  Toronto Centre Nicki Ward Green Party of Ontario  https://www.nickiward.ca/
  Toronto—Danforth Marcelo Levy Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/marcelo-levy/
  Toronto—Danforth Mary Fragedakis Ontario Liberal Party  https://maryfragedakis.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Toronto—St. Paul's Ian Lipton Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/ian-lipton/
  University—Rosedale Dianne Saxe Green Party of Ontario   https://gpo.ca/candidate/dianne-saxe/
  Vaughan—Woodbridge Will McCarty Ontario New Democratic Party  https://willmccarty.ontariondp.ca/
  Waterloo Shefaza Esmail Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/shefaza-esmail/
  Waterloo Jennifer Tuck Ontario Liberal Party  https://jennifertuck.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Willowdale Paul Saguil Ontario Liberal Party  https://paulsaguil.ontarioliberal.ca/
  Willowdale Monica Henriques Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/candidate/monica-henriques/
  York Centre Shelley Brown Ontario Liberal Party  http://shelleybrown.ca/
  York South—Weston Nadia Guererra Ontario Liberal Party  https://nadiaguerrera.ontarioliberal.ca/
  York South—Weston Faisal Hassan Ontario New Democratic Party https://www.faisalhassan.ca/


The following are known supporters of Basic Income in Ontario's parliament who have not signed the pledge and were elected as MPP:



  • Kitchener Centre, Laura Mae Lindo
  • London North Centre, Terence Kernaghan
  • Mushkegowuk-James Bay, Guy Bourgouin
  • Parkdale-High Park, Bhutila Karpoche
  • Scarborough Southwest, Doly Begum
  • Spadina-Fort York, Chris Glover
  • Toronto-St. Paul's, Jill Andrew


  • Ottawa South, John Fraser
  • Scarborough-Guildwood, Mitzie Hunter