☑️ There is only one way to establish a Basic Income: elect candidates who support it ☑️

We have built this tool to help you identify and elect MPPs who have promised to make establishing a Basic Income a priority as they represent you in Parliament. 

How to use this table: 

1. Scroll down to check if your riding is on the list below.
Don't know your riding? Look it up here.
Your riding is on the list,
One or more candidates in your riding have taken the pledge
Your riding is not on the list,
No candidates in your riding have taken the pledge
2. If blue, click on the candidate's name to see what they had to say.
2. Ask your candidates to take the pledge here.
3. If there is more than one candidate, check the latest polling projections from 338; yours might be the vote that elects a Basic Income champion! 
4. Click on the candidate's website and signup to volunteer with them. We want all candidates to know that supporting Basic Income is not only the right thing to do but will also get them elected! 
If you preferred candidate has not taken the pledge, ask them to here.

Pledge Signers





Ajax Neil Runnalls Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/neil-runnalls/
Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill Marjan Kasirlou Ontario Liberal Party https://marjankasirlou.ca/
Barrie—Springwater—Oro—Medonte Elyse Robinson Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/elyse-robinson/
Bay of Quinte Alison Kelly Ontario New Democratic Party https://alisonkelly.ontariondp.ca/
Beaches—East York Abhijeet Manay Green Party of Ontario https://www.abhijeetmanay.com/
Mary-Margaret McMahon Ontario Liberal Party https://mmmbey.com/
Brampton East Jamaal Blackwood Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/jamaal-blackwood/
Brampton West Rimmy Jhajj Ontario Liberal Party  https://rimmyjhajj.ontarioliberal.ca/
Brantford—Brant Harvey Bischof Ontario New Democratic Party  https://harveybischof.ontariondp.ca/
Burlington Kyle Hutton Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/kyle-hutton/
Cambridge Surekha Shenoy Ontario Liberal Party https://surekhashenoy.ontarioliberal.ca/
Don Valley East Mara-Elena Nagy Ontario New Democratic Party https://maraelenanagy.ontariondp.ca/
Don Valley North Ostap Soroka Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/ostap-soroka/
Eglinton—Lawrence Leah Tysoe Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/leah-tysoe/
Sam Kaplun Independent  
Essex Manpreet Brar Ontario Liberal Party https://manpreetbrar.ontarioliberal.ca/
Etobicoke Centre Heather Vickers-Wong Ontario New Democratic Party https://heathervickerswong.ontariondp.ca/
Etobicoke North Gabriel Blanc Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/gabriel-blanc/
Etobicoke—Lakeshore Farheen Alim Ontario New Democratic Party https://farheenalim.ontariondp.ca/
Thomas Yanuziello Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/thomas-yanuziello/
Guelph Raechelle Devereaux Ontario Liberal Party https://raechelle4guelph.com/
Guelph Mike Schreiner Green Party of Ontario  https://gpo.ca/mike-schreiner/
Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes— Brock Tom Regina Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/tom-regina/
Hamilton Centre Sandy Crawley Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/sandy-crawley/
Ekaterini Dimakis Ontario Liberal Party https://ekaterinidimakis.ontarioliberal.ca/
Hamilton Mountain Chantale Lachance Ontario Liberal Party https://chantalelachance.ontarioliberal.ca/
Humber River—Black Creek Ida Li Preti Ontario Liberal Party https://idalipreti.ontarioliberal.ca/
Kanata—Carleton Pat Freel Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/pat-freel/
Kenora—Rainy River Catherine Kiewning Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/catherine-kiewning/
Kingston and the Islands Mary Rita Holland Ontario New Democratic Party https://www.maryritaholland.com/
Kingston and the Islands Scott Foster None of the Above Party https://scott-foster.yolasite.com/
Zachary Typhair Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/zachary-typhair/
Kitchener Centre Wayne Mak Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/wayne-mak/
Kitchener South—Hespeler David Weber Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/david-weber/
Kitchener—Conestoga Melanie Van Alphen Ontario Liberal Party https://melanievanalphen.ontarioliberal.ca/
Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes Chris Wilson Ontario New Democratic Party https://christopherwilson.ontariondp.ca/
Fiona Jager Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/fiona-jager/
London Fanshawe Zack Ramsey Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/zack-ramsey/
London North Centre Carol Dyck Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/carol-dyck/
Kate Graham Ontario Liberal Party https://kategraham.ontarioliberal.ca/
London West Colleen McCauley Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/colleen-mccauley/
Mississauga Centre Adriane Franklin Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/adriane-franklin/
Mississauga—Lakeshore David Zeni Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/david-zeni/
Nepean  Brian Double Ontario New Democratic Party https://briandouble.ontariondp.ca/
Nepean Tyler Watt Ontario Liberal Party https://tylerwatt.ontarioliberal.ca/
Newmarket—Aurora Carolina Rodriguez Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/carolina-rodriguez/
Nickel Belt Glenys Babcock Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/glenys-babcock/
Nipissing Sean McClocklin Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/sean-mcclocklin/
Nipissing Tanya Vrebosch Ontario Liberal Party https://tanyavrebosch.ontarioliberal.ca/
Northumberland—Peterborough South Lisa Francis Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/lisa-francis/
Orléans Michelle Petersen Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/michelle-petersen/
Oshawa Catherine Mosca Ontario Liberal Party https://catherinemosca.ontarioliberal.ca/
Ottawa Centre Shelby Bertrand Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/shelby-bertrand/
Ottawa West—Nepean Chandra Pasma Ontario New Democratic Party https://chandrapasma.ontariondp.ca/
Steven Warren Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/steven-warren/
Ottawa—Vanier Christian Proulx Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/christian-proulx/
Oxford Cheryle Baker Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/cheryle-baker/
Perth—Wellington Ashley Fox Ontario Liberal Party https://ashleyfox.ontarioliberal.ca/
Laura Bisutti Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/laura-bisutti/
Peterborough—Kawartha Greg Dempsey Ontario Liberal Party https://gregdempsey.ontarioliberal.ca/
Robert Gibson Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/robert-gibson/
Jen Deck Ontario New Democratic Party https://jendeck.ontariondp.ca/
Pickering—Uxbridge Julia Rondinone Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/julia-rondinone/
Renfrew—Nipissing—Pembroke Oliver Jacob Ontario Liberal Party https://oliverjacob.ontarioliberal.ca/
Scarborough Southwest Lisa Patel Ontario Liberal Party https://lisapatel.ontarioliberal.ca/
Spadina—Fort York Cara Des Granges Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/cara-des-granges/
Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry Jacqueline Milner Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/jacqueline-milner/
Sudbury David Robinson Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/david-robinson/
Thunder Bay—Atikokan Eric Arner Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/eric-arner/
Judith Monteith-Farrell Ontario New Democratic Party https://judithmonteithfarrell.ontariondp.ca/
Eric Arner Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/eric-arner/
Timiskaming—Cochrane Kristopher Rivard Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/kristopher-rivard/
Toronto Centre Nicki Ward Green Party of Ontario https://www.nickiward.ca/
Toronto—Danforth Mary Fragedakis Ontario Liberal Party https://maryfragedakis.ontarioliberal.ca/
Marcelo Levy Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/marcelo-levy/
Toronto—St. Paul's Ian Lipton Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/ian-lipton/
Waterloo Shefaza Esmail Green Party of Ontario https://gpo.ca/candidate/shefaza-esmail/
Willowdale Paul Saguil Ontario Liberal Party https://paulsaguil.ontarioliberal.ca/
York Centre Shelley Brown Ontario Liberal Party  http://shelleybrown.ca/
York South—Weston Faisal Hassan Ontario New Democratic Party https://www.faisalhassan.ca/
Nadia Guererra Ontario Liberal Party https://nadiaguerrera.ontarioliberal.ca/


338 Polling Projections